Hidden Mickeys
Saturday, October 11, 2003
Hidden Mickey #4

Mickey has a cute little house in ToonTown. That's where he lives! He's got a little metronome on the player piano in his den. The hand on the metronome has a little Hidden Mickey shape on it.

Take a look!

And, after playing in his house for a while, you can go out back to his studio and give him a hug and have your picture taken!

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Rookie Decorator
Hidden Mickey #3

In Fantasyland, waiting in line at the Alice in Wonderland ride, there is a big yellow mushroom behind the cast members who run the ride.

On the stem of the mushroom are brown spots. Three of these brown spots are in the shape of Mickey!

You can see them while you're waiting in line.

Very cool!

Cool blog of the day:

My family spends a lot of time at Disneyland, so I thought I'd keep an online diary of all the fun stuff we've seen, particularly Hidden Mickeys! For those who don't know what a Hidden Mickey is, here's a brief explanation. Throughout Disneyland and now, Disney's California Adventure, one can find lots of Mickey images that are hidden - not obvious.