Hidden Mickeys
Sunday, October 19, 2003
Hidden Mickey #14

Back to the front gates of Disneyland.

Walk over to the ticket booths, and look just above the windows. This is considered "decor", but there it is - a Mickey above each window, ready to greet you as you get ready to enter the park.

Here's a really interesting link I came across today:
by Keith Relkin
from www.LiveandGrow.org
Hidden Mickey #13

Over to Frontierland.

Take a trip with Indiana Jones, to The Temple of Doom.

In your car, next to the steering wheel, notice the instrument cluster - 3 guages in a sideways Mickey pattern.

While you're on your trip, be careful to avoid the snakes, cockroaches, and rolling boulders.

Cool blog of the day:
Cat Servant
My family spends a lot of time at Disneyland, so I thought I'd keep an online diary of all the fun stuff we've seen, particularly Hidden Mickeys! For those who don't know what a Hidden Mickey is, here's a brief explanation. Throughout Disneyland and now, Disney's California Adventure, one can find lots of Mickey images that are hidden - not obvious.