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Wednesday, July 20, 2005
British Newspaper Group Supports Tom Cruise in his Campaign Against Ritalin

Tom Cruise is gaining support in UK media circles.

(PRWEB) July 5, 2005 -- Tom Cruise has now gained the support of the Chairman of an influential London Newspaper Group, Mr. John Mappin.

The Mappin family are a very well known English family. They founded Mappin and Webb and have always been strong opinion leaders deep within the heart of the more conservative British media and establishment.

Earlier this week Tom Cruise slammed the psychiatric profession for the use of destructive psychiatric drugs such as Ritalin on children.

"It is vital that parents and people in the media really take a look at the truth of what Tom Cruise is saying," said Mr. Mappin. "Tom Cruise has been doing a fantastic job of exposing the total fraud that psychiatry is and the very real dangers of the drugs and treatments that psychiatry is addicting our society to.

"The plan of modern psychiatry could be summed up as simply 'A world on Drugs.' Evidence of psychiatry's total lack of understanding of the mind is all around us and is totally evident in their treatments. Our children have been targeted by psychiatric interests as a profit centre," Mr. Mappin said. "The celebrities of today have become the political leaders of our time and are creating tomorrow's political and social landscape. What Tom Cruise is doing to make people aware of the dangers of drugging children with Ritalin and with other destructive drugs is to be highly commended," he said.

The British Newspaper Group commended Mr. Tom Cruise very highly on the front page of its newspapers this week.

Please visit www.londonlocals.co.uk. www.unitednationalnewspapers.com details.
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