Hidden Mickeys
Friday, October 31, 2003
Hidden Mickey #26


Take a ride on the GoCoaster. After the ride is over, as you exit the building, look down. The manhole cover has a decorative Hidden Mickey.

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Hidden Mickey #25

Critter Country

Visit Pooh's house. Halfway through the ride, when you're in a room with tons of dripping honey and crazy things spinning around, near the exit of the room, look on the floor. Drops of honey, and one little bunch of it is in a Hidden Mickey shape.

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Church of Scientology
My family spends a lot of time at Disneyland, so I thought I'd keep an online diary of all the fun stuff we've seen, particularly Hidden Mickeys! For those who don't know what a Hidden Mickey is, here's a brief explanation. Throughout Disneyland and now, Disney's California Adventure, one can find lots of Mickey images that are hidden - not obvious.