Hidden Mickeys
Friday, October 24, 2003
Hidden Mickey #19

Haunted Mansion (Nightmare Before Christmas)

If you're at Disneyland while the Haunted Mansion is decorated for Halloween/Christmas, be sure to visit! This is a very fun attaction.

After you first enter the building, you'll be directed to a little room. You all pile in the room, then the door closes. The ceiling appears to stretch (I won't give out secrets here.) Look at the "pretty" (as in "pretty creepy!") stained glass-looking "windows" up high above your heads. There are 6 of them, I think. One of them has strings of cranberries or beads in various colors. It's all Christmassy. One of the red beads has two smaller round red panes next to it, all in Mickey shape!

Stay tuned for tomorrow's Haunted Mansion Hidden Mickey!

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My family spends a lot of time at Disneyland, so I thought I'd keep an online diary of all the fun stuff we've seen, particularly Hidden Mickeys! For those who don't know what a Hidden Mickey is, here's a brief explanation. Throughout Disneyland and now, Disney's California Adventure, one can find lots of Mickey images that are hidden - not obvious.